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Your swimming pool can leak for a variety of reasons. A leaky pool will make chemicals harder to balance and cost you money in water lost. HiPools experts can provide details about Swimming Pool Repair Costs and procedures based on the size, type, and location of the leak. Professional help from HiPools will determine the location of the leak and will find an option to fix it as quickly as possible. The Experienced Pool Repair Technicians at HiPools will use sophisticated detectors like hearing equipment and pressure testing and dye tests to determine the area and source of the leak. Always count on us for pool leak detection and get it repaired in a timely manner.

Pool Leak Detection Services

Pool Leak Detection Services Near Me

Depending on your pool surface type, pools can also leak through cracks in the finish of the exposed aggregate, marcite, or gunite of your pool. Pools with vinyl liners are also susceptible to tears. Underground pipes that are part of your Pool’s Filter System can also be culprits. At HiPools we have state-of-the-art tools and technology to locate pool leaks so that we may repair them to avoid any inconvenience and troubles. Contact us today at HiPools if you suspect your pool may have a leak give us a call at 000-000-0000.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services

Although your swimming pool is durable yet it may encounter leaks eventually. A leak is an unnecessary expense you should have to deal with. HiPools is a professional company that is meant to take care of you and your swimming pool. At HiPools, our Swimming Pool Leak Testing Equipment makes finding and fixing pool leaks simple. By using tools and technology, we thoroughly inspect your swimming pool for leaks. If your pool’s water is lower than normal does not mean it has a leak. Wind, humidity, and sun exposure all impact your rate of evaporation.

Above Ground Pool Leak Detection Services

If your above-ground pool is losing more than a ¼ inch of water a day, you likely have a leak. Using specialized techniques, our Pool Leak Detection Specialist will locate the source of your water loss. At HiPools, we can also fix leaks we identify. Our pool leak detection and repair experts have located and repaired thousands of leaks in above-ground swimming pools and also provide you with Above-Ground Pool Service. The team of HiPools can provide an accurate estimate and reliably repair your pool using the most up-to-date techniques available.

Above Ground Pool Leak Detection Services

Inground Pool Leak Detection Services

Leaks can originate from cracks in the pool itself, a bad skimmer seal, light conduits, or numerous other areas. Using specialized Inground Pool Leak Detection techniques our technicians will pinpoint the location of your leak within a few feet of the source. We are your Trusted Leak Detection Professionals that are honest, straightforward, and above all, experts in inground pool leak detection professionalism. HiPools specializes in pool leak detection as well as all related water features.

Best Pool Leak Detection Services

Swimming pools are meant to work in the long run yet a pool can develop leaks over time, causing your water usage and bills to skyrocket. A pool with a big leak can cause damage to the motor and other vital components of its system. HiPools is the Best Pool Leak Detection Service Provider and keeps the summer fun going with quick pool leak repairs. Our leak-fixing pros use advanced technology to find even the most difficult-to-spot leaks, so you can be confident that your pool is working as intended. Our teams are highly trained, fully licensed, and back all their work with the industry’s best customer service guarantee.

Best Pool Leak Detection Services

Pool Liner Leak Detection Services

Pool liner leaks can be difficult to spot. If you suspect that your pool liner is leaking, you should call professional help to get it repaired. We are familiar with the Common Causes Of Pool Liner Leaks and are equipped with the experience to find solutions for you. Our teams are highly trained, fully licensed, and back all their work with the industry’s best customer service guarantee. Our trucks are fully stocked so we can fix 90% of plumbing issues on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leak detection, in its basic form, is by way of dye testing, pressure testing, visual inspection, and tracer gas detection. Our job is rarely an easy one but we help by being an all-in-one solution.

At HiPools, we can locate swimming pool leaks and pool liner leaks. We offer our services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Most pools lose 1/8th up to 1/4″ inch of water per day due to evaporation. If your pool is losing more than that you likely have a leak in your pool.

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